The Pasadena Child Health Foundation (PCHF) was established in 1951. It evolved from earlier organizations founded to provide health services for children. Chronologically these were: the 1920 Pasadena Dispensary; 1922 Pasadena Preventorium; 1945 Pasadena Health School; and, 1951 Pasadena Child Health Foundation. In 1951 the PCHF incorporated as a 501(c)(3) private foundation, with the purpose of supporting projects pertaining to the health and welfare of children.

As the Foundation focused its attention on children’s health issues, it attracted additional donations and increased its assets. Today, total assets are more than $6,000,000. Over its history, PCHF has made grants to support children’s health to a wide range of organizations.

In 2016, the Board of Pasadena Child Health Foundation voted to become a fund of the Pasadena Community Foundation. Though dissolved as a private foundation, the grant program of PCHF continues unchanged.

The PCHF Advisory Board regularly challenges itself to stay current with the needs of the community it serves.